Apple brings on new talent for autonomous car initiative

Apple has brought on the former head of BlackBerry's automotive software division to lead its own self-driving car tech projects.

The latest addition to the Apple team previously founded and acted as chief executive officer of QNX, the operating system developer acquired by BlackBerry back in 2010. Dan Dodge joined Apple earlier this year to assist a team headed by Bob Mansfield. As part of Project Titan, Apple's automobile initiative, Dodge is helping to research development of a new automated driving system in tandem with storied plans for Apple to create its own vehicle. This marks a change in direction from Apple's previous plans for simply creating its own automobile.

In addition to Dodge, Apple has employed hundreds of additional employees who have been tasked with designing cars for a projected release date of 2020. While this date has changed several times over with the addition and departure of team members and switches in direction.

This article by Brittany Vincent originally ran on Engadget, the definitive guide to this connected life.

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