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Well, this is terrifying. The US Marine Corps calls this collection of tracks, sensors, cameras, and an M240 machine gun the Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System, but we're just going to call this Terminator 1.0.

Qinetiq designed Terminator 1.0, or MAARS if you prefer the Corps' acronym, to complement a 12-man infantry squad on the battlefield, Business Insider reports. While it can carry 400 rounds of 7.62-millimeter ammunition for its on-board machine gun, the leathernecks can swap in a 40-millimeter grenade launcher, just in case Terminator 1.0 needs more punch. But unlike the actual Terminator or T-1000, MAARS tops out at just seven miles per hour and only runs for eight to 12 hours at a time.

There are other reasons that MAARS is only Terminator 1.0 – it needs its Marines to reload and control it. Human operators manage it with a controller that looks like a rugged Nintendo Wii U gamepad. And despite the presence of those beefy treads, it's not exactly unstoppable on the trails.

That's partially why Terminator 1.0 is still in the testing phase, far from actual deployments. Right now, the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines at Camp Pendleton, CA are working with it. Later this month, testing will move to the Corps' desert testing area at 29 Palms, CA, near Palm Springs, for live fire tests.

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