When a Ferrari and a Toyota GT86 get jiggy, strange things happen

This is not your typical V8 engine swap.

Swapping V8s into small Japanese cars is not new. In fact, swapping V8s into small sportscars from anywhere is not new. From the original Cobra to the modern FR-S and BRZ, big V8 power in a light, lithe chassis has been delicious combination rivaling the Reese's peanut butter cup.

People familiar with these swaps know that American iron is the preferred source for large-displacement grunt, but Ryan Tuerck and Gumout have taken a different route, specifically from Italy. Replacing the 2.0-liter flat-4 of this Toyota GT86 is a Ferrari F136 V8. Unfortunately that's about the only detail we really know about this project. The F136 was used in the F430, California and 458 Italia, and all with varying displacement and output. So we don't even know which of those variants this engine is. If it came from a California, that'd at least make the front-engine location easier to fabricate.

No matter though, it's still a Ferrari engine in a small car, and that's awesome. And Donut Media, the company that produced the video, promises more details down the road. In the meantime, enjoy this video preview of the project.

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