Logan Lucky is a heist movie set at a NASCAR race

Like racing films and heist flicks but can't decide which to watch? Strangely, soon you won't have to, thanks to Logan Lucky. The film's plot revolves around a heist at Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina during a NASCAR Sprint Cup race. Think of it as something of a cross between Days of Thunder and Ocean's Eleven.

It's probably not a coincidence that the film is being directed by Steven Soderbergh – the same man behind the Ocean's franchise. And like those movies, Logan Lucky is set to feature a star-studded cast of actors. Channing Tatum ( Magic Mike, 21 Jump Street) and Daniel Craig (of James Bond fame) will star alongside Katherine Heigl ( Knocked Up), Riley Keough ( Mad Max: Fury Road), Adam Driver ( Star Wars: The Force Awakens), and Seth MacFarlane ( Family Guy).

The film will be Soderbergh's return to the director's chair following his departure in 2013. In the years since, the director/producer has been focusing primarily on television with projects like The Knick and The Girlfriend Experience. Daniel Craig's involvement has also fueled speculation that the actor is leaving the 007 franchise behind; Craig reportedly no longer wants to play the iconic role.

Earlier reports that Matt Damon (one of the stars of Soderbergh's Ocean's series) would be involved appear to have come to nought. AS the release below shows, the film has the full backing of NASCAR. This project was initially referred to as Hillbilly Heist. Filming began over the weekend during the Coca-Cola 600, and Logan Lucky is scheduled to be released in theaters sometime in the fall of 2017.

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NASCAR partners with Steven Soderbergh on heist-themed film project

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (May 26, 2016) -- NASCAR® is collaborating with Academy Award-winning director Steven Soderbergh on a feature film entitled Logan Lucky, starring Channing Tatum alongside Katherine Heigl, Daniel Craig, Riley Keough, Adam Driver and Seth MacFarlane. Depicting a theoretical heist at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the project will mark Soderbergh's first feature film since announcing his retirement from the film industry in 2013. Soderbergh, who also directed heist film Ocean's Eleven, is best known for his work on the critically acclaimed Traffic and Erin Brockovich, which garnered him two Oscar nominations and the accolade of Best Director.

This will not be Tatum's first experience working with NASCAR or Soderbergh. He and 22 Jump Street co-star Jonah Hill served as grand marshals for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series™ Pocono 400 in 2014, while Tatum and Soderbergh previously teamed up for the Magic Mike films, Haywire and the 2013 thriller Side Effects, which was the most recent film project led by the acclaimed director.

"We are excited to work with Steven, Channing and all of Logan Lucky's incredible cast and producers," said Zane Stoddard, NASCAR vice president of entertainment marketing and content development. "It's a big-hearted, fun story that showcases NASCAR and Charlotte Motor Speedway as the world-class sports entertainment property and venue that they are, much like the Bellagio in Steven's Ocean's Eleven."

Logan Lucky is tentatively scheduled for release in Fall 2017. Mark Johnson, Gregory Jacobs and Reid Carolin are producing. Zane Stoddard is executive producing for NASCAR.

Pre-production filming will begin this weekend at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Coca-Cola 600, which airs live on FOX at 6 p.m. ET on Sunday, May 29.

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