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Become data­-driven with the Automatic Connected Car Adapter

Drive smarter and safer with this device­­ – available for 10% off, with free shipping!

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Your car is much more than just a box on wheels that gets you from point A to point B, and the Automatic Connected Car Adapter proves it. This handy device presents you with key data on your vehicle via driving alerts and analytics, helping you drive smarter and better. Simply plug the adapter into the diagnostics port, and download the Automatic mobile app to get started.

Increase efficiency and costs down. The adapter maximizes mileage by giving you real-­time feedback and weekly progress reports to help you drive efficiently. It prompts you when it's time to refuel, ensure your car is never running on empty to prevent engine damage.

Be in tune with your car's needs. Diagnose engine lights and resolve issues quickly. You can fix it yourself­­or the app suggests highly rated local mechanics who can service your vehicle.

Stay sane. Productive tools simplify your daily life. Pull up a parking lot map in your app or smartwatch to navigate directly to your car. Track, analyze, sort and export your data for organized tax reporting and record keeping.

Ensure you're covered in emergencies. The crash detector will automatically trigger 24/7 live collision support. A professional agent will assist you over the phone in your time of need while alerting emergency services to your location.

Keep your data synced and private. The 128­-bit AES encryption protects your privacy so you can securely sync and access your data across platforms, from your mobile devices, wearables, and your computer's Web Dashboard.

Connect with your car in ways you never thought possible, and enjoy maximal utility. Get your adapter today for 10% off the sticker price. That's only $89.95, with free shipping included.

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