If you needed yet another graphic demonstration of how safe modern racecars are, look no further than the video above. You'll see one car moving slowly across the track after spinning out, after which it's struck twice. One of those cars flies through the air before landing in a broken smattering of carbon fiber.

The crash happened after Ryan Tveter's Formula 3 car threw up a cloud of dust as it slid through the gravel trap, reducing visibility for Zhi Cong Li and causing him to drive up the back of Tveter's disabled car and launch skyward. Pedro Piquet also hit Tveter's car, but with significantly less spectacular results. The race was immediately halted.

Initial reports from the scene indicated that Li was unconscious after the wreck, but he was awake and alert at the hospital. Li suffered injuries to his heel and four fractured vertebrae. Tveter was also taken to the hospital for unspecified injuries, but Piquet was unharmed.

Motorsports are inherently dangerous, and this likely won't be the last such incident we see this year. Still, the fact that all three drivers will eventually recover after this horrendous accident is a testament to the safety of Formula 3 cars.

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