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This new Renault would make a great Nissan Maxima wagon

It's probably not going to happen, but wouldn't it be neat if it did?

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A new Renault station wagon wouldn't ordinarily show up on our radar. But this one gets us thinking. It's the new Talisman Estate, and we can't help but wonder if it wouldn't make a good addition to Nissan's North American lineup.

If you recognize the name, you may recall that Renault launched the Talisman sedan on the other side of the pond last summer. At the time, we noticed some striking similarities to the Maxima sedan we get here, though Nissan told us the two were unrelated. But that wouldn't necessarily stop the wagon from sporting a different badge on the nose and making the transatlantic journey to American showrooms.

The long-roofed version of the Talisman measures 191 inches long making it only a little longer than the BMW 3 Series Sports Wagon we get here, while riding on the same 110-inch wheelbase. But where the Bimmer offers up to 53 cubic feet of cargo space, the Renault can fit nearly 60. It also boasts electronic dampers and four-wheel steering to keep it light on its toes, and offers a selection of four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines ranging from 110 horsepower up to 200.

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