SNL builds Mercedes an EV, but batteries aren't included

Julia Louis-Dreyfus introduces us to a less-than-stellar electric vehicle.

If you like your EV videos a little bit funny and a little bit backwards, Saturday Night Live has just the thing for you. A new parody ad for the Mercedes-Benz AA Class all-electric sedan, which is powered by 9,648 AA batteries. Duracells, by the looks of things.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus hosted SNL this weekend and stars in the new ad. She delivers the pitch with a perfectly straight face. Whether she's hyping the car's 52 mile per hour top speed or the oh-so-convenient quick-release function that gets all the batteries out of the car at once so you can replace them with ease, her tone could easily be mistaken for one you hear in real ads.

A spot like this certainly doesn't help anyone unfamiliar with EVs understand this technology any better, but that's not comedy's job, is it? After all, we still buy bran cereals after the hilariousness that was Colon Blow and I'm pretty sure a Taco Town is about to open somewhere near a busy highway soon. Late night TV has a tendency to go for the simple jokes when it comes to plug-in vehicles, as Dave Letterman did many years ago when Elon Musk visited (oh, how "shocking" it is for you to pretend to be electrocuted when you touch the car), so SNL's latest doesn't break any new ground. Still, it's worth a smile or two. Just hit play on the video below to see if you agree.

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