Top Gear Drama: Evans and LeBlanc relationship 'frosty'

Evans thinks LeBlanc "severely damaged the brand" during controversial war memorial filming.

We won't know how good the new Top Gear is until the first season ends. But for right now, we've received yet another sign that things are not all rainbows and unicorns at Dunsfold Aerodrome.

According to the UK's Entertainment Daily, TG hosts Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc are "at war." The situation between the two hosts has been cool since Evans made disparaging remarks about adding the American to the cast. According to an unnamed source at The Sun, "Matt was never Chris's choice – it was a decision forced upon him to attract the US market."

But the recent uproar over LeBlanc's stunt (which you can see below) at the Cenotaph – a major First World War memorial in the city of Westminster, London – has allegedly pushed things over the edge. In that incident, LeBlanc took the wheel of Ken Block's Hoonicorn Mustang for a series of donuts near the memorial. The filming location was widely criticized as being disrespectful to the 700,000-plus Britons that laid down their lives during World War I, and led to Evans issuing a public apology on Twitter. LeBlanc kept quiet during the uproar.

According to The Sun, Evans thought the Cenotaph stunt "severely damaged the brand" and his relationship with LeBlanc has since become "very frosty." According to The New York Daily News, the former Friends star has already contradicted The Sun's report via Twitter, calling the idea of being "at war with Chris Evans" funny.

We'll probably never know precisely what the relationship between LeBlanc and Evans (or any of the rest of the cast, for that matter) is like. But as this is yet another report of behind-the-scenes troubles, we're waiting to see how things play out on the screen.

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