Drift through the Russian winter in a Corvette and a Supra

Winters in much of Russia are infamously frigid, but enjoying the harsh weather from the driver's seat of a Chevrolet Corvette or Toyota Supra can make any season better. This pair of drivers turn deserted, tree-lined roads into the perfect course for some snowy drifting.

The owners of these cars clearly care more about having fun than keeping their vehicles pristine. The Supra is missing the front fenders, which leaves the wheels completely exposed. Meanwhile, the Corvette has a front fascia that's made from what appears to be a piece of plain sheetmetal. The drivers aren't too concerned about kicking up powder by hitting the snow drifts, either, which makes for an awfully entertaining video.

One word of warning, this clip is set to Kid Rock's Bawitdaba. Unfortunately, the song completely drowns out the cars, which we would much prefer to listen to. If you're not into late '90s rap rock, it might best to keep the speakers turned down for this video. Do enjoy the great setting and interesting coupes, though.

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