A hydraulic press smashing LEGO cars is the best and the worst

As you might imagine, even one of the world's most durable toys is no match for heavy machinery. You're going to want to watch this one with the sound on, both for the cameraman's commentary and the agonizing cries of the poor little LEGO pieces and parts as they fly out, shatter, or get squashed.

This comes courtesy of the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube, a feed that provides precisely what you'd expect: various objects being obliterated by immense pressure. The video starts out with a LEGO minifig being flattened by the press. That's probably the toughest part to stomach. The press operator then makes a 2x4 brick into an unrecognizable disc. And then the press is loaded up with a finished camper model – it's set 60117, Van & Caravan, for those keeping track. When the press clamps down on it, pieces go spewing out and then the unlucky ones left get smashed.

While this can be tough to watch for LEGOphiles, it's also just a tiny bit satisfying for anyone who has ever stepped barefoot on one of the little studded pieces of plastic. If you'd rather watch a LEGO kit being assembled, watch our Mustang GT and McLaren P1 build videos in the player below.

Lego Speed Champions Ford Mustang Build | Autoblog

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