Callaway will build you a Corvette AeroWagen this year [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Callaway Cars founder Reeves Callaway got in touch with Autoblog to tell us more about the AeroWagen, including tentative pricing. His quotes have been added below.

Three years after Callaway Cars first showed off the idea, you can finally order the company's AeroWagen shooting brake conversion for the C7 Corvette. Unfortunately, the work to add the longer roof doesn't begin until the fourth quarter of this year. The package is available for coupe versions of the standard Stingray and Z06, as well as Callaway's highly tuned 'Vettes.

The new roof is a single piece of carbon fiber and uses the original seal, hinge, and latch mechanism from the stock hatch. Because it retains the standard parts, buyers can revert back to the original component if they ever want to, although we're not sure why they would. According to company founder Reeves Callaway, direct sales to customers will start after the company gets some experience performing the conversions at its factories in California, Connecticut, and Germany.

Switching to the new roof increases cargo room and slightly drops the Corvette's drag coefficient. "The weight calculation says a few kilos will be saved due to carbon construction," Callaway told Autoblog. He couldn't provide specific figures because the company still needs to weigh the final version. The AeroWagen also retains the storage spot for the coupe's removable roof panel.

The AeroWagen conversion was expected to cost $22,995 as of October 2013, but it may end up much cheaper. Callaway tells Autoblog he expects the AeroWagen's price to be "less than $15,000." That figure is on par with the tuner's original estimate from March 2013. "We are happy to predict this lower price, still there are details to work out on paint and trim costs," Callaway said.

The AeroWagen gives the Corvette a sleeker look, and the extra cargo space should be welcome. The images suggest the massive rear pillars and small window could constrain rearward visibility, but that's a small price to pay for the new shape. Next, the company needs to fulfill its 2013 April Fool's Day promise of the AeroWagonette to let you tow extra passengers behind a 'Vette.

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