Tired of thermal runaway heating up your hoverboard commute? The folks from do-it-yourself-repair website iFixit have found a new solution.

They've introduced the Smother Bag, a portable fire-extinguishing bag that protects riders and nearby pedestrians from the flames and smoke billowing from the mobility-enhancing device.

"Putting out your hoverboard fire is simple," iFixit engineers said. "When your board starts smoking, simply hop off, stop hoverboarding, unfurl the bag, put the flaming hoverboard into the Smother Bag. ... While you wait for the raging inferno to burn out, take a moment to reflect on all your poor life choices."

You can learn more in the above video. It's early in the day, but the Smother Bag is the early front-runner for our favorite April Fool's gag.

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