If you're in the market for a new seat and a Porsche fan, then the German company might have the chair of your dreams. Be ready to spend some serious cash, though. The Porsche Office Chair RS looks identical to what is in the company's vehicles, and Porsche promises the chair uses the same leather and Alcantara as in the sports cars. The brand's crest comes embossed on the headrest, too.

Buyers also get the usual features you would expect from an office chair like adjustments to the seat height and armrests. There's also a jacket hook at the back. However, the coolest part is the electrically adjustable backrest with a rechargeable battery for power.

If the Office Chair RS has one downside, it's the price. Porsche's website shows a list price of $6,570. If you shop around, that's a similar to what a Porsche 944 will set you back, and you can actually drive the 944. If you're looking for something slightly less expensive, Porsche also has a regular office chair that looks very similar to the RS but retails for $5,690, which still isn't much of a bargain, but is pretty cool nonetheless.

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