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A rainy day guide for car nuts

What to do when the weekend is a wash out.

Car Nuts are a special breed. Every weekend is seen as an opportunity to work on their vehicle, or go to a car show. Unfortunately, everyday chores get in the way. But, once all the household chores are complete (maybe even before) the thoughts have already drifted to their automotive delight, working on their vehicle, or viewing many of them in local park car show or dealership event. Yes, the mind of the Car Nut is focused on spending time with their machine, or time admiring the machines of others as soon as possible. In fact, the chores may have to wait as a whole.

Sadly, poor weather happens. If you want to see a Car Nut looking melancholy, or downright angry, mention to them that rain is forecasted all weekend long. Tell them it's going to poor and be miserable outside until the beginning of the work week. Watch the eyes for tears.

You see, the Car Nut is passionate. Some people are passionate about sports or crafts. Car Nuts are passionate about the auto industry. As passionate people, they get their fix from spending time, often on the weekends, with the metal in the garage, or the metal in other people's garages, or at the local car show. Should a bad weather event roll into the area on the weekend... Well then, it's seen as having the joy stolen, or having a bubble burst. Their planned activity is a bust and they are forced to come up with indoor alternatives.

What alternatives are there for Car Nuts on a rainy day? Thanks for asking! What follows is a guide for the creatively impaired Car Nut.

  • Watch an episode of your favorite car show or a car movie (or binge watch several)
  • Watch a race

Search online for...
  • Parts
  • More parts
  • Tools
  • Automotive Industry news
  • Automotive memorabilia
  • Car movies
  • Historical articles or books about your favorite brand
  • How-To videos
  • Find out when the local car club events are
  • Even more parts

Go to the workshop and...
  • Adjust the lighting.
  • Adjust the heating/cooling ventilation.
  • Put the tools away.
  • Clean the floor.
  • Start a small project.
  • Find a way to put a lift in there, or a pool table and a classic refrigerator.

Have a meeting
  • Pull the lawn chairs out and set them in a circle in the garage/workshop space
  • Fill the cooler with your favorite beverages and put the cooler out in the middle of the lawn chairs.
  • Call your buddies and have them meet you in an hour in the garage. If you r short on lawn chairs, have them bring theirs.
  • Call for delivery of pizza and wings.
  • Hold an impromptu class on how to use body filler, or how to pinstripe, or how to change brakes, etc.

So, to all you Car Nuts out there,.. Don't be bored. There's a lot to do! I hope this guide will inspire you to enjoy your weekend regardless of rainy weather. Weather cannot hold back your passion. Lack of inspiration can. So, if the weather is forecasted to throw droplets on your weekend hopes, return to this list again and again and be inspired!

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