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Scion rolls out its past concepts, one last time

The beginning and the end of Scion on display at the New York Auto Show.

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In 2002, we first met Scion by way of the silver BBx concept you see above, the iconic toaster that soon became the production xB hatchback. That was the official kick-off of Toyota's youth-oriented brand, and it all started right here at the New York Auto Show. But Scion's being phased out this year, and the very last brand-new car is a special edition tC – interesting, since that's the only model not being carried over with Toyota badges. So to commemorate the life of Scion, just as it comes to an end, a number of the brand's most important concepts are on display in New York.

The BBx is arguably the most important concept, though the one that garnered the most attention in recent years was the original FR-S (the "Friggin' Really Sweet" car) from the 2011 New York show. That came to production as Scion's (and Toyota's) best-driving car, using a lightweight, rear-wheel-drive architecture shared with the Subaru BRZ. Thankfully, the Scion FR-S will live on as the Toyota 86.

Also of note are the 2004 FiveAxie Speedster xA, 2009 Kogi BBQ Truck XD, original 2009 iQ concept (remember the iQ?), and a 2014 tC designed by Slayer. They're all on display here in New York, and you can see them all, one last time, in the gallery above.

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