A few days ago, the top-tier driver's Porsches, the 911 GT3 and GT3 RS, were the only game in town. Both are exclusively equipped with the technically excellent PDK, a dual-clutch gearbox virtually without equal. Of course, lots of folks, including Porsche die-hards, wanted to do it themselves, even if human shifts came at the expense of milliseconds of shift time.

Porsche listened. You read all about the new 911 R two days ago when it was announced (if not, watch the video and then dive into the particulars at that link). It's an unabashed gift to that vocal minority. The folks that wanted a manual GT3 got one, and it's better than that. It's a throwback to the original 911 R, stripped of weight and unsightly aero bits like the massive rear wing of the GT3. There's even houndstooth-patterned cloth on the sport seats.

It's a brilliant homage, without being overly retro. But how does it sound, and look in motion? See for yourself. We humbly suggest minding where the drool lands.

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