Woman wins Aston Martin during Price is Right Dream Car Week

If you need a quick shot of happiness to warm your day, watch this clip of a woman's reaction as she wins a $120,000-Aston Martin V8 Vantage on The Price is Right. The show doesn't usually give such high-dollar vehicles, but this is Dream Car Week, which considerably increases our interest in the prizes.

This wedding photographer plays Spelling Bee where the goal is to pick the letters for "car" or win immediately with one of the cards that displays "Car." Skip to 3:38 into the video to dispense with her choosing the prices of items and get straight to the heart of the game.

Host Drew Carey tries to convince the woman not to play with the offer of $25,000 cash, but she presses forward. That was a great decision, and the woman goes wild about winning the British sports car. It's wonderful to see someone so excited about getting such a fantastic prize. We hope she really enjoys driving her new Aston Martin.

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