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Among the many highlights of last weekend's Super Bowl, military buffs will undoubtedly rank the flyover by the US Navy's Blue Angels near the top. With their typical precision, the Blues skimmed Levi's Stadium in their traditional diamond formation while Lady Gaga belted out the national anthem.

It was all very American.

But while the Navy F/A-18s sounded darn good for those in attendance and the millions of people watching at home, the folks with the best view were the Blue Angels themselves. And of course, there were video cameras along for the ride. What's truly surprising about this video, though, is how quick it's all over.

From the taxi and takeoff from San Francisco's Moffett Federal Airfield to screaming over the stadium, the entire video comes in just a second under four minutes. We knew the Blues were fast, but not that fast. And of course, the video also gives us a great look at the precision – the way the Angels take off (streaming smoke behind them) and then just slot into formation while still over the runway is damn impressive.

Have a look at the top of the page to see what we mean.

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