Smoking in a car with children may get you fined in Virginia

A bill passed through the Virginia House of Delegates this week that would make it illegal to smoke in a car with a child under the age of eight. The bill was proposed by Republican delegate Todd E. Pillion, a pediatric dentist in Virginia, who says that children are especially at risk to the dangers of smoke inhalation because their lungs are still developing. "And in a very tight, enclosed space in a car, it's even worse," Pillion said in an interview, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Under the proposed law's wording, police wouldn't specifically pull drivers over if they suspect them of smoking with children in the car. Instead, the fine would come as a secondary offense for drivers who are pulled over for another traffic violation. Any fines collected for this offense would support the Literary Fund, "a permanent and perpetual school fund established in the Constitution of Virginia."

A final vote is likely to take place on Thursday, February 11, 2016. Click here to read House Bill 1348 in PDF form.

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