The DeLorean Motor Company is (almost) back, promising a transformation from a very comprehensive parts and rebuilding outfit into a low-volume continuation car manufacturer, thanks to a handy bill letting small replica car companies off of a few regulatory hooks. This means that for the first time in decades, "new" DeLorean DMC-12s could be prowling the streets, starting as early as 2017.

That's exciting, mostly because as cool as the gullwing doors and the stainless bodywork were, most of what the current incarnation of DMC does is modify or swap out those underperforming PRV V6s – bringing the driving dynamics closer to the keeping the promises its wild body makes. The new-production DMC-12s will definitely not have any PRV V6s. The company's being coy about which engines may make the grade, but smart money is on a modern Japanese V6 or compact American V8. Maybe both.

To ride the wave of enthusiasm, DMC cooked up the short film above, called "Lucky Coin." It's a far cry from what passed for a DeLorean commercial in 1982 (below).

Since there's not much to say about the new DeLorean yet, the "Lucky Coin" ad's purpose is just to keep interest simmering. Mission accomplished, DMC. We can't wait to see what you cook up.

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