Cops find $14 million worth of heroin stuffed in truck axle

On Tuesday evening, investigators seized 100 pounds – roughly $14 million dollars worth – of heroin in a single sting in Queens this week. But while that's a lot of heroin, it's where it was found that's interesting.

That night, a pair of pickup trucks with North Carolina plates was spotted aimlessly circling a block of the Elmhurst neighborhood in Queens, NY, according to the New York Times. Little did the drivers know that the area was under surveillance by an anti-drug trafficking task force investigating heroin distribution. The task force was composed of agents and detectives from the Drug Enforcement Agency, the New York Police Department, and the New York State Police. The team stopped the truck and drug-sniffing dogs were brought in and almost immediately confirmed the presence of narcotics.

The trucks were hauled to the DEA office in Manhattan, where investigators tore them apart looking for the contraband. DEA officers finally found the heroin, rolled into tight bundles and sealed with duct tape, stuffed into axle assemblies found in one of the truck's beds. The drivers, Peter Omar Garcia-Romero and Jose Guadencio Lantan-Vela, were arrested at the scene. Both were charged with multiple counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance.

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