Jay Leno picks up a '74 Datsun Sunny ute from SEMA

Typically the high profile custom rides at the SEMA Show come from major automakers and tuning houses. But sometimes individual tuners cut through the clutter with a standout project, like this 1974 Datsun pickup modified by Dominic Le.

As you can plainly see, Le's pickup is anything but stock. It has the front end of a classic Skyline, a suspension dropped by a good eight inches, a bored-out engine with a turbo bolted on, a spiffed-up bay ... the works. It even has mirrors mounted all JDM-style way out on the front of the hood, a right-hand drive setup, fat Toyo tires, and Takata racing harnesses, all for authenticity's sake.

It's more impressive when you consider that Le is a family man with a day job and did this with a buddy in their spare time. But don't take our word for it: check it out and hear the story in the 17-minute video above from Jay Leno's Garage.

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