Carfection gets an inside look at Aston's 800-hp Vulcan

Most of us will never get close to a beast like the Aston Martin Vulcan. After all, the British automaker will only build 24 of them, and each is priced at over $2 million. Fortunately our friends at Carfection (previously known as Xcar) have done it for us with this latest video.

The Vulcan, for those unfamiliar, is Aston Martin's take on the same formula that brought us the likes of the McLaren P1 GTR and Ferrari FXX K (not to mention the 599XX and FXX that came before). Only by "us," we mean billionaire playboys with the funds and the will to play racing driver in track toys designed purely for their amusement. And where the McLaren and Ferrari are both mid-engined hybrids derived from road-going supercars – the former with a pair of turbochargers – the Vulcan is purpose-built for the task and packs an oversized, naturally aspirated 7.0-liter V12 mounted up front said to be good for 800 horsepower.

It's more extreme than anything else Aston Martin has ever made for the street or racing. Check it out for yourself in the two-minute clip above to see how it's put together by the company's most skilled craftsmen. And don't forget to turn up the speakers.

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