Florida women fight off armed carjackers

A lesson for all the would-be criminals of the world –- don't mess with moms. Carjackers in Florida could have used that advice Monday night before trying to steal cars containing kids from two moms as they pumped gas. The incident occurred in Hialeah, Florida, just after 10 pm, ABC7 reported. Two women were at a gas station filling up their vehicles when two masked men with weapons ran up.

Gas station security footage captured the incidents. The would-be carjackers first approached the woman filling her minivan, but she quickly jumped into her vehicle and sped away. They then turned their attention to the woman filling her convertible at the next pump. They tried to get into the car, but they didn't count on the woman's one-year-old and seven-year-old to be sitting in the back seat. She quickly used her angry mama bear strength to reach into the driver's seat to pull the carjacker out, tearing his mask off and sending him running.

The two suspects jumped into a waiting vehicle. They wrapped up their night of criminal escapades by running from police. The pursuit ended with a crash. No one was hurt during the attempted carjacking or police chase. Officers found three guns in the car and charged three men with attempted carjacking, fleeing and eluding the police.

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