BMW does not make an M7. It never has, despite rumors, trademark filings, and the actual desires of the people that would build such a car. That means that while we're stuck waiting for BMW to see how foolish not building an M is, the most potent 7 Series you can get wears an Alpina badge on the nose.

Meet the newest version of that car... sort of. BMW and Alpina haven't taken the wraps off the next B7 just yet, opting instead for an opera-accompanied teaser of the new car undergoing track testing. The car is lightly camouflaged – there's enough to make it clear it's a 7 Series, but not so undisguised as to reveal too much of the Alpina bodywork. There's a more aggressive bumper, a meaty rear spoiler, and sharper side sills, along with what are probably Alpina-specific wheels, but more precise details are hard to discern.

What isn't difficult to pick out, though, is ear-tingling exhaust note. The last two Alpina B7s have built on the standard 7 Series' engine, and this new model likely won't be any different. That should mean a breathed upon 4.4-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 which goes well above the unfettled car's 445 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque. The extra power, along with the donor car's new lightweight carbon-fiber passenger cell, should make for tantalizing performance capabilities. The current 750i xDrive takes 4.3 seconds to make the sprint, and the B7 model that this new machine will replace hits 62 in 4.6. We'd expect the upcoming B7 will do better.

The teaser from BMW and Alpina doesn't indicate when the new model will debut, but we'll eat our proverbial hat if it doesn't happen in Geneva.

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