Chris Evans loses lunch during Top Gear segment

And A Key Exec Behind New Series Leaves BBC

Poor Chris Evans. Besides having to deal with constant rumors that his version of Top Gear is in turmoil, it seems the new host's stomach wasn't quite up to the task of riding with co-host Sabine Schmitz.

The BBC Radio 2 DJ was riding shotgun alongside Schmitz as she drove the twisting tarmac of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca behind the wheel of an Audi R8 V10 Plus. It seemed the German's vigorous driving didn't agree with Evans, though, as he was captured reintroducing his lunch to the world. Evans was shown hunched over and green around the gills in a series of photos published on The Daily Sun. Additional shots published on The Daily Mirror showed some of the crew on hand found the entire affair rather amusing.

"It would be unfair to expect him to be perfect right from the word 'Go,'" an unnamed source told The Sun. "But how can someone who gets car sick possibly host Top Gear?"

In Evans defense, though, it was rare to see Clarkson, Hammond, or May sharing a car on the track, and none of the former hosts were a match for Schmitz's driving skills. Placed in a similar position, there's no guarantee the former Top Gear trio wouldn't blow chunks either.

In other Top Gear news, there's been yet another high-profile firing related to the show, as The Sun reports that Controller Kim Shillinglaw has left the Beeb. She was a key figure in the reintroduction of TG following Clarkson's firing, but a Sun report from late December claimed that she'd developed a reputation as a meddler and was at odds with the "unpredictable" Evans.

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