A video of a hammer-wielding woman in China smashing her cheating husband's expensive luxury car on Monday is going viral. Bystanders watched as the woman destroyed the pricey BMW 7 Series. She said it had to go, because her husband's mistress had sat in the car, making it irredeemable dirty. Even a cut to her hand from the broken glass couldn't slow her down as she bashed away on the Bimmer for 20 minutes, the People's Daily reported.

At one point a security guard came out to tried and stop the woman, but she shut him down quickly. "This is my car, it's none of your business.'" She told him. She then asked the crowd if someone could open the hood so she could smash the engine as well, according to the Daily Mail. The car was reportedly parked outside of her husband's office. He had apparently left her and was living with his mistress, which may have prompted the parking-lot demolition. Her husband was unfazed by the destruction however. "Let her smash it." He said. "I can just get it repaired." Eventually, bystanders convinced her to leave the parking lot. By the end, all the windows and windshield were smashed and the body was riddled with dents.

The video has since gone viral on China's version of Twitter, Weibo. The Chinese have a tradition of smashing up luxury vehicles to express their displeasure. In 2011, a businessman and his friends obliterated his Lamborghini with a sledgehammer to protest poor treatment from a local car dealer. In 2013 another Chinese man destroyed a BMW M6 by beating it with a mallet and axe outside of the dealership that had let him down.

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