Man in a convertible drives in the rain with a Christmas tree

A man in a convertible had his holiday cheer extinguished thanks to England's infamous weather. Nicholas Dodd saw this sad, soaked through couple while driving down the A38 near Plymouth, Devon, according to the Daily Mirror. Dodd told the publication he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a Saab, top down, in a pouring rain storm. That's not all. The top was down because of the large Christmas tree wedged in the back seat.

"We couldn't believe what we were seeing," Dodd said. "It was crazy - especially with the weather - but I guess he just wanted to get his Christmas tree home anyway he could." The Saab driver's female passenger also looks less than pleased by the sudden squall.

"His missus was beside him but they didn't seem to find it as funny as we did," Dodd said. "He was just keeping his head down in a vain attempt to avoid the rain but was getting a real soaking." Dodd posted the video to Facebook, where commenters also had a good laugh at the soaking wet Saab owners.

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