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  • Image Credit: Ural
Ural Dark ForceThe Millennium Falcon can do the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, and the Death Star has enough firepower to blow up a planet. Now the Star Wars-inspired Ural Dark Force offers riders a go-anywhere ride for Earth. It would be the perfect way to arrive to The Force Awakens premiere in December.

This bike isn't for Luke or Obi-wan because it's aligned with the Dark Side of the Force. The cycle comes dressed like a Sith lord – all in black – including the badges, powertrain components, and ceramic-coated exhaust. In case Boba Fett shows up to claim your bounty, there's even an extendable lightsaber mounted on the side. Ural also fits the Dark Force with a bench seat with enough room to carry C-3PO behind you and R2D2 in the sidecar. The company finishes off the upgrades with an LED headlight.

The Dark Force packs Ural's 749cc air-cooled two-cylinder engine with 41 horsepower and 42 pound-feet of torque, and the gearbox offers four forward gears and reverse. According to the company's announcement, these examples don't have a driven sidecar wheel for riders to engage.

The motorcycles retail for $14,999 and arrive at dealers on December 1. You need to hop on your speeder bike soon to get a Dark Force because Ural only plans to build 25 of them. This latest limited edition joins other special models like last year's MIR-inspired cycle and 2013's Gaucho Rambler as examples that the company isn't afraid to get a little weird sometimes.
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Ural Dark Force

From the shadows of an empire, in a factory far, far away, comes Dark Force...this year's limited edition series from Ural, the legendary manufacturer of sidecar motorcycles.

Inspired by the world of Star Wars®, we created a motorcycle that lets your inner child explore the dark side with little damage to the real world balance of power.

Ural Dark Force is subtle, light and nimble. It comes in gloss black with blacked out powertrain and matching ceramic-coated exhaust - a perfect cloak for your epic escape.

We've added our highest visibility LED Headlight, designed to pierce the night and cut through the darkness.

Dark Force comes standard with flat enduro bench seat providing increased comfort with room for a 3rd passenger. Every hero... er... villain knows there's no substitute for a loyal sidekick (or two).

Should you sense a disturbance in the force, know your Ural has what you need.

The Dark Force comes equipped with sidecar mounted Lightsaber®... easily accessible, totally secure, and ready to complete your mission (batteries included).

Come to the dark side, we've got sidecars.

Release: Friday, November 13th (7am PST)

MSRP: $14,999
Total Builds: 25
Site: http://imz-ural.com/dark-force.html

Standard Upgrades:

• High Visibility LED Lighting
• Enduro Bench Seat
• Black Ceramic Coated Exhaust
• Black Engine, Gearbox, and Final Drive
• Black Brushed Aluminum Ural Badging
• Black Zinc Coated Passenger Pegs
• Sidecar Utility Clamps
• 3' Extendable Lightsaber®

Technical Specifications:

Engine and Transmission
• Displacement, cc: 749
• Engine type: OHV air cooled 2 cylinder 4 stroke "boxer" (flat twin)
• Valve per cylinder: 2
• Bore and stroke (mm x mm): 78 x 78
• Max output (hp): 41 @ 5500 rpm
• Max torque (ft-lbs): 42 @ 4300 rpm
• Compression: 8.6:1
• Fuel system: Throttle body EFI
• Starting: Electric & Kickstart
• Clutch Double-disc dry
• Transmission type: Manual
• Speeds: 4 forward 1 reverse
• Primary drive (rear wheel): Driveshaft
• Final drive ratio: 4.62
• Engageable sidecar wheel drive: No

Physical Measurements
• Overall length: 91.6"
• Overall heights: 53.8"
• Overall width: 63.6"
• Seat height, (unladen): 31.0"
• Ground clearance (unladen): 6.5"
• Dry weight: 700lbs

• Front suspension: IMZ leading link fork
• Rear suspension: Double sided swing-arm with two Sachs hydraulic spring shock absorbers, 5x adjustable
• Sidecar suspension: Single sided swing-arm with Sachs hydraulic spring shock absorber, 5x adjustable
• Wheels: 2.5X18 Aluminum rims with steel spokes
• Tires: Heidenau, 4.0x18"
• Front brake: 4-piston fixed Brembo caliper with 295mm floating NG rotor
• Rear brake: HB big bore single piston integrated floating caliper with 256mm fixed NG rotor
• Sidecar brake: 2-piston fixed Brembo caliper with 245mm floating NG rotor

• Alternator: Denso, Peak Output 40 Amp @ 14vdc, 560 Wt
• Battery: FAYTX20HL (12V, 20Amp/h)
• Headlight: H4
• Spark plugs: NGK BPR6HS

• Fuel grade: 91 Octane, unleaded
• Fuel tank capacity, gallons: 5.0
• Reserve, gallons: app. 1
• Estimated fuel economy, mpg: 31-37
• Estimated range, miles: 155-185
• Recommended max cruising speed, mph: 70
• Max permissible weight, lbs:1325
• Trunk volume, cubic ft.: 2.9

• 2-years parts and labor unlimited mileage.

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