Tesla has lots of fans among suppliers, it turns out

That Jump In Deliveries Probably Didn't Hurt, Either

  • Image Credit: Drew Phillips
Sure, when your year-over-year deliveries surge 49 percent for the most recent quarter, your purveyors are going to love you. Tesla Motors not only is making more fans among green-car advocates. Its suppliers are apparently enjoying the popular EV as well.

The California-based electric-vehicle maker appeared for the first time on the North American Suppliers' Choice Study, which is conducted by Automotive News and Deloitte and takes place every two years. Tesla was tied with Toyota for third place behind No. 1 BMW and No. 2 Mercedes-Benz. BMW has won the past four surveys and won praise for its organization, quick responses, and willingness to embrace technological advances.

Tesla gained points for its willingness to innovate (no surprise there) along with its suppliers. The company also was praised for trust and "ease of working." About 170 suppliers participated in the survey. Overall, suppliers appeared to be happier with automakers than they were a couple of years ago. The reasons are that trust and a willingness to implement innovations appear to be on the rise. How much this has to do with sales being up as well is anyone's guess. Ford was the only automaker that had a lower score than two years ago. The culprit was the Blue Oval's reputation for excessive paperwork and bureaucracy.

Tesla said in early October that it delivered 11,580 Model S electric sedans during the third quarter though, per usual, didn't say how many of those were delivered to North American locales versus the rest of the world.

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