Mercedes-Benz Museum introduces classic car sales

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Mercedes is aiming to take the guesswork out of buying a classic car with its latest initiative. Instead of buying a classic Benz from a private owner, the public can now purchase directly from the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

The program is called "All Time Stars," and is split into three categories. Vehicles in the Premium Edition are in pristine condition, with low mileage, and fully restored by the Mercedes-Benz Classic division. Collectors Edition cars are guaranteed to be in tip-top shape both technically and aesthetically, but have some miles on the odometer and the patina to go with them. Finally the Drivers Edition are meant for everyday driving – fixer-uppers that "still offer potential for further restoration work."

Regardless of their category, each vehicle that passes through the program is subject to an extensive 160-point inspection. The process identifies any issues, and any modifications to the vehicle's original condition that may have been carried out over the course of its history.

At the moment, the museum is highlighting three examples up for sale. The oldest is a Type 630 Kompressor from 1929. The newest is an E320 convertible from 1995 with 31,000 miles on the odometer. In between is also a 280 SE sedan of 1973 vintage. Head to the program's website and you can also see examples like a '79 450 SEL, a '94 E60 AMG, a '92 500 SL, and a rare CLK-LM racer from 1998. There are several more that have already been sold through the program, and more to be added to the catalog in the near future.
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Mercedes-Benz Museum selling classic cars directly: 'All Time Stars': modern classics and vintage greats from Mercedes-Benz

Stuttgart, Nov 05, 2015

The Mercedes-Benz Museum is now selling classic cars from all periods under the name All Time Stars. The complete range can be seen on the website You can also view the vehicles in person at the Mercedes-Benz Museum and arrange the purchase there too. A team of sales consultants are on hand to provide detailed information and extensive descriptions of the vehicles in order to offer as much transparency as possible.

Buying a classic car is a matter of trust. It has to be. Otherwise what is often supposed to be a dream come true may in fact turn sour. The All Time Stars by Mercedes-Benz aim to extend the brand's extensive quality commitment to the purchase of classic cars. The focus is on vehicles that are suitable for everyday driving. And maximum transparency is the objective: the experts at the Mercedes-Benz Museum subject each vehicle to a thorough inspection based on a comprehensive 160-item checklist. This allows any defects or blemishes to be identified and recorded in detail in the prospectus. The consultants also know exactly what has been modified – and what has stayed the same – since the vehicle was handed over to its very first owner.

The All Time Stars reflect the huge diversity of Mercedes-Benz vehicles over the ages. The range features all cars made by Mercedes-Benz and its predecessor brands. The oldest model that is currently available is a Type 630 Kompressor from 1929; the newest is an E 320 convertible made in 1995.

The three vehicle editions

All vehicles are categorised into three editions that describe their condition and authenticity:
- Premium Edition: classic cars in rare original condition with very few miles on the clock and vehicles that have been lovingly restored by the experts at Mercedes-Benz Classic in Fellbach/Stuttgart.
- Collectors Edition: these cars are in excellent condition both technically and visually. Their patina gives them a particularly special character.
- Drivers Edition: vintage vehicles and modern classics suitable for everyday driving and for people who want to tinker. These cars are in excellent technical condition but still offer potential for further restoration work.

All Time Stars – vehicle highlights

The Mercedes-Benz 630 first went on sale in October 1928 for a price of 2,000 reichsmark. It was also available in a K model with a more powerful 6.3-litre engine that produced 120 kW (160 hp). Customers' interest quickly shifted to this variant. Several years ago, the vehicle available from All Time Stars was converted to an open-top tourer and had its engine refurbished. It has a Fiva international identity card and is in immaculate condition.

The E 320 convertible is an export version with only around 31,000 miles on the clock. This is immediately obvious from its immaculate condition. This four-seater convertible can be used for everyday driving as soon as it leaves our showroom – and it's as stylish as they come. The car is fitted with lots of extras, including the much sought-after leather upholstery.

There is also a Mercedes-Benz 280 SE available, which was restored at Mercedes-Benz Classic Service & Parts. The car has a seldom colour combination and only 86.000 kilometers on the clock.

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