Uniti is vague new city EV from Sweden

15-kW Car Will Have Tandem-Seating Setup

This isn't your father's Volvo. Or your mother's Saab. Instead, it's a Sweden-based company's attempt to redefine the concept of the electric vehicle.

The company is called Uniti (pronounced "unity"), and it has put out a two-minute video that's more manifesto than game plan. The group of millennials (or so it seems) running the company talk of a car with "contemporary design and modern user interaction," while Uniti's website refers to company founders as a "tribe of voyagers and rebels, spread across the world." Elon and Carlos, you've been warned, for while the meek may inherit the earth, these brazen folks are looking to help save it.

Uniti is working on developing a prototype at Sweden's Lund University. What we do know is that the car will be a 15-kilowatt two-seat electric city vehicle with a tandem seating set up. The company is shooting for a plush interior feel while using renewable and earth-friendly materials such as hemp and flax fiber. Uniti also says it's development process will be open and patent-free. Ah, youth.

There isn't much more to go on than that. There's a shadowy outline of a vehicle that at least includes some pretty sporty-looking headlights. Beyond that, no word on how much the car will cost, what it's single-charge range will be, or when it will see the light of day. But, funding notwithstanding, it'll be a high-concept, hyper-designed affair, and an enthusiastic one. Take a look at Uniti's press release below and check out the video above.

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