Why Jay Leno felt like 'an idiot' when he bought a Tesla

Very few of us can buy a car by way of an apology. Even fewer still can buy a Tesla Model S to make up for our goof. Then again, as our connections and our pocketbooks go, none of us are Jay Leno.

Here, we have Leno telling the story of his first Tesla, which from the video looks to be a handsome blue Model S. Apparently, when Jay Leno's Garage was in its infancy, its eponymous host featured Elon Musk and the then-new Tesla Roadster. During the off-camera exchange, the host and executive traded phone numbers.

Some time later, as Leno was preparing to film the JLG show on CNBC, he reached out to Musk one afternoon, hoping to get the okay to film at Tesla's Fremont (CA) factory. Not realizing the exec was abroad, though, Leno woke him in the middle of the night. Feeling guilty, Leno told Musk he wanted to buy a Tesla. And that friends, is why the big-chinned comedian owns a Model S... because he was "an idiot," as he calls himself in the video.

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