Fast & Furious to end with a trilogy, Vin Diesel says

The Fast & Furious series will end with a trilogy, says its leading man, Vin Diesel. The actor/producer of the film franchise announced a deal with Universal to cap the series with "one last Trilogy to end the saga." That brings the series to 10 installments – all of which promise to be filled with lots of fast-paced chase scenes, death-defying (CGI) stunts, and cheesy one-liners. In short, everything we've come to expect from the Furious franchise.

Sadly, the remaining three sequels will have to make do, of course, without one of the series' main stars, Paul Walker. Diesel's co-star in every one of the installments to date was killed in a high-speed crash in a Porsche Carrera GT nearly two years ago. The last movie was finished at extensive cost by using computer animation and body doubles to fill in for Walker.

Diesel promises to announce the director for the next movie in due course. No timeline was given at this point for the filming, production, or theatrical release of the eighth installment or the two that will follow.

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