Police body cam captures rescue of motorists caught in flood

Texas Grandfather Had Underestimated Rising Waters

A Texas man and his grandson were trapped in their Honda Odyssey minivan by rising floodwaters last week. Two police officers who happened upon the scene pulled the pair to safety.

The officers were wearing body cameras, which captured footage of the rescue. Officers Clemente Perez and Alberto Guadiano found the minivan nose-down amid flash floods that struck in Olmos Park, Texas, last week. When they heard cries for help, they acted quickly.

Water had risen past the bottom of the van's window when the officers pulled the victims through the openings, according to KSAT-TV in San Antonio, which obtained the footage. As the driver was rescued, he said, "Jesus Christ, I didn't realize it was that deep."

Body cameras for police officers have been a controversial tool in the field. Many officers don't like wearing them, though the footage can help exonerate officers from false accusations as much as they can capture alleged misdeeds. Police departments across the country are buying more, according to ABC News, which reported earlier this month that the largest manufacturer of the devices has posted a year-over-year sales increase of 154 percent.

In Olmos Park, Texas, officers say last week's footage of the flooding rescue will prompt more body-camera purchases. Rene Valenciano, the town's police chief, told KSAT-TV, "they turned out to be a very good tool ... it captures amazing video."

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