Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo is the future, now [w/video]

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As a gamer, the addition of the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo to the Gran Turismo 6 lineup is fun, but pretty forgettable. The be-winged Bug joins a roster of spectacularly fast virtual metal, for a title that – much as it pains me personally to say this – is more out of date than ever.

But the fact that Bugatti built the concept in more than just pixels is the interesting part. That "completion of the Veyron chapter" business indicates that the Vision car might have some bearing on the company's future ultracar plans.

From a design perspective, this concept is clearly over the top, though there are elements that would seem reasonable as extrapolated to a production car. The ovoid aperture that encircles each door seems thematically correct, relative to the Veyron, as, of course, does the now-more-pointed horseshoe grille. Bugatti has evoked a kind of Formula One nose with the rest of the fascia, but the aggressively wide and raked light pods may make their way to a future face.

As for the Batmobile-meets-Le Mans rear end? Well, some things are better left for the video game. That said, the single-strip rear taillight would be an awfully cool nighttime signature for one of the world's most famous sports cars. Pick out the elements you'd like to see on a Bugatti production car, and tell us about them, in Comments.

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