Uber driver allegedly ran over passenger for talking on cellphone

A daily Uber user in Australia has vowed never to use the ride-sharing app again after she was allegedly pulled from a car and ran over by one of the company's drivers last week. Sascha Pangallo wrote on social media that the entire exchange between herself and the driver on Friday night felt fishy from the beginning.

"After refusing to put my destination into his GPS he requested my directing (which I had no problem with)," she wrote on social media, according to The Daily Mail. "However I was on an important phone call and during one of the directions he snapped and screamed at me in a very aggressive manner."

The driver continued to scream at her and demanded that Pangallo exit his vehicle. He pulled over, exited the vehicle and began roughly pulling her out of the back. When onlookers threatened to call the police on the pushy driver he panicked and sped off while Pangallo was still half way in the car. She says she was thrown to the ground and her leg was ran over by the driver as he made his get away.

Pangallo went to the hospital with multiple bruises and a possible blood clot and broken leg. A spokesperson for Uber in Australia told the Mail that the driver had already been fired from the company. Uber is working with police as they investigate this incident.

Pangallo is just the latest victim of a violent Uber driver. In June an Uber driver threatened to cut the neck of a customer who canceled a ride. There have reports of sexual assaults committed by Uber drivers against customers. Taxi drivers in Pangallo's home country of Australia are striking today to put pressure on politicians to chase the company out of the country, SBS reported. Should Australia banished Uber, they'd be in good company. Germany, Spain, France, Belgium and several cities around the world have laws or litigation in the works restricting Uber.

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