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Readers of RC Car Action voted the Traxxas Slash 4x4 the best electric truck of 2014. We imagine they had reasons other than it being able to drive on water, but Traxxas has shown that the capability is part of the Slash's feature set. We shouldn't be surprised – these are the same people who showed off an RC car that ran from 0 to 100 miles per hour on a dyno in four seconds.

All the Slash fun requires is a set of aftermarket paddle tires intended for sand, Traxxas' optional high-speed gearing, and a Power Cell 3s LiPo battery. Then the Slash is fast enough and can move enough water to keep from becoming a submarine. As you see in the video, the Slash can even do jumps on water, land on a floating 'barge,' then keep on rolling over the surface. Traxxas did install some foam noodles under the body, however, because you can't totally rely on physics when you drive into a lake and go all X Games.

True, people have been driving all kinds of non-marine vehicles on water for years – and we don't mean engineered amphibious vehicles. This guy does wheelies on the water on his snowmobile, this guy took his tube-frame buggy on paddle tires across the pond, as did Top Gear's Richard Hammond, and Jamie on Mythbusters did it with a motorcycle on road tires, until he sunk. But with a Traxxas you can do it from a distance, stay a lot drier, spend a lot less, and do jumps.

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