There's way too much ground to cover at the Las Vegas Convention Center each year at the SEMA Show, so inevitably, some cool stuff always slips through the cracks. Apparently, in our rush to cover 1940 Ford body shells and the ICON Dodge D200, we missed this gem. Top Speed found a video of the Traxxas stand at this year's event showing the company's latest radio-controlled car hitting triple-digit speeds on a dyno. In the video, the Traxxas X0-1 tops out at 104 miles per hour with its motors hitting 22,500 rpm.

The X0-1 might be a 1/7 scale car, but its performance puts it in competition with just about anything on four wheels. Introduced almost a year ago, the four-wheel-drive X0-1 is an RC supercar that can accelerate from 0-100 mph in under five seconds. Using the Traxxas Link app, you can even use your iPhone as the RC car's controller and telemetry screen. Like any other supercar, the X0-1 isn't cheap with a retail price of $1,014.99.

Scroll down to watch the X0-1 show its skills on the cutest little dyno ever.

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