One man fulfills passion and career with Toyota AE86 coupes

Boasting just 112 horsepower in the original US spec, the AE86 Corolla GTS is hardly a monster in terms of output. However, thanks to low weight, superb handling, and a love to rev, these Toyotas are now some of the most prized Japanese cars of their era. Some people might be satisfied with just owning one of them, but Antonio Alvendia has five. He shows a couple examples off in the latest video from Petrolicous.

The AE86 actually got Alvendia passionate about cars and was a major catalyst for his career today. He actively documented the early stage of drifting's popularity in the US and captured the sport's rapid ascent with his camera. That enthusiasm translated into one job after another and eventually led to organizing 86Fest in recognition of these classic Corollas.

Alvendia's '85 and ' 86 get shown off here, highlighting the pre- and post-refresh bodies. It would have been nice to see more of them on the road, but the clip is still a great history lesson about this icon of the drifting scene.

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Toyota Corolla

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