UPDATE: As predicted, Mercedes followed up with official information and a full set of images of the C63. Click through to read the lot of it.

Let's not kid ourselves; we already know what the 2017 Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe looks like. The company has been dropping teasers like they're hot, in video and photo form. We caught a spied glance of the whole car very recently, too. And we saw the base C-Class Coupe in all of its official glory just last week.

Still, Mercedes knows that the new C63 is likely to be a hot topic with the enthusiast crowd (that's you and me, Bub), so it's dropping as many breadcrumbs as it can between now and the fully fleshed out information. This afternoon that means this first official image of the car: a double-fantasy of German speed in stirring red and striking silver. Big 14-spoke wheels ground each corner of this flowing coupe shape, with air-gulping intakes, a pointillistic metallic grille, and LED-strip headlights dominating the front end.

Mercedes has promised us that more information about its performance-focused C-Class is upcoming. We're going to update this very post with that knowledge just as soon as we have it, so stay tuned.

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