Hyundai Germany and content producer Endemol Beyond are back with a cinematic-themed encore, this time for the Hyundai Tucson. Their first act came last year with a ten-minute video that recreated scenes from 70 movies, all for the purpose of highlighting the European i10 hatchback.

The length is cut in half this time, but all four minutes focus on one film: Mad Max: Fury Road. It features mild mannered "Nilz" as a trepidatious Max Rockatansky on the run from Warboys and their model cars. When Imperator Furiosa shows up with some forced perspective, things get even more, how do you say, interesting, as everyone battles through to a metallic blue Valhalla. It will make sense when you watch it. Kind of.

The tagline is "Change is good." We have no idea how that's meant to fit in, but maybe we'll cotton on with the coming videos that pay homage to TRON: Legacy, Drive, and Inception. Right now we just think this video is wild. And worth a watch.

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