5 year old is going to be a great stuntman

Most dads who want to get their kids into motorsports opt for a slow and steady approach. Start with some Hot Wheels, maybe watch some racing on TV, and eventually perhaps go to a real-world event. Stunt driver Anton Avdeyev is taking a far more direct approach by strapping his five-year old into a Toyota Corolla prepared for drifting and going for some smoky slides around the tarmac. The mouth-agape combination of horror and glee on the little tyke's face sums up his reaction perfectly.

Safety doesn't appear to be too much of a problem here, either. The little boy is securely strapped in, wearing a helmet, and has neck protection. Dad definitely looks like he knows how to handle a sliding car, too. This just looks to be a kid having a very good time in a very cool machine.

Despite having such an excited look plastered on his face, this wasn't the first time Avdeyev's son had seen some high-speed driving, either. The two of them have reportedly made an annual tradition out of heading out on the track together since 2013. That potentially means this kid has been hitting the track since he was in diapers. Makes you feel just a little jealous, doesn't it? At this rate, the boy could be a veteran by the time he's actually legally allowed to drive.

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