One electric-vehicle maker with more than its share of northern exposure is looking to get some southern comfort in the form of crowd-funding dollars for its prospective prototype. The company is Juneau, Alaska-based Ethos Electric Vehicles and its goal is to make an electric vehicle that can be priced as low as $28,000. First, though, the company needs to do some crowdfunding over on Gofundme.

Ethos Electric Vehicles says it plans to retrofit the La Bala kit cars with electric power. La Bala is a two-seat, open-cockpit vehicle with no doors or windows. So the company, in addition to switching out the internal combustion engine for an electric motor, plans to add doors and windows as well as storage space, a heater and air conditioning to the vehicle. Improvements to the body finish and an upgrade of the rear suspension are also being proposed.

The company says it's been in talks with La Bala owners for the past six years about making this conversion vehicle, so Ethos Electric's principals have obviously thought about this for quite a while. Ultimately, Ethos Electric Vehicles says it will make an EV that will be priced from $28,000 for a two-wheel-drive version to $60,000 for a top-of-the-line all-wheel-drive model. As of early Thursday, though, there hadn't been any takers, as the company hadn't raised dollar one on the site in its first 14 days of being listed (the goal, according to the site, is $175,000 to make the prototype, but we're thinking that a photo on the site of the company's empty shop space may not be helping matters). To check out Ethos Electric Vehicle's Gofundme page, take a look here.

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