KTM-powered BikeBoat catches fire, creators ask for money

Anybody can celebrate a success, but it takes real guts to publicly admit a failure. The team behind the BikeBoat is showing even more chutzpah to try things again after an utter catastrophe from one attempt. Now, the group has an IndieGoGo campaign asking for money to try an even bigger feat.

Based around a KTM 690, the idea behind the BikeBoat sounds great on paper. The team aims to create a system that a motorcycle can carry to convert it into an amphibious craft for covering bodies of water. This is done in part through an inflatable raft and a belt system to drive a propeller from the cycle's chain.

The actual implementation isn't nearly as simple, though. During the last run to cross the English Channel in June, a fuel tank melted, which led to a fire, and caused the flares to ignite. As shown in the team's IndieGoGo promotional video, only a burning wreck was left, and it eventually sank.

Undeterred, the BikeBoat team is setting even bigger goals. The group wants to raise at least 10,000 pounds ($15,450) but is really hoping for 20,000 to 30,000 pounds ($30,875 to $46,300). With the funding, it wants to hire divers to salvage the wreckage from the bottom of the English Channel, build at least two more crafts, and try crossing the Bering Straight in summer 2016. Naturally, there would be a documentary about the adventure. The plans would also be open-source to let others build a BikeBoat, though hopefully without the fiery results.

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