Jay Leno saddles up on an updated Royal Enfield motorcycle

Aniket Vardhan is a very gifted man. Not only can he tell a great story, but he is creating new motorcycles mostly by hand that are inspired by old designs. Vardhan grew up in India and loved the Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle. He also was struck by the heartbeat-like sound of a V-twin engine. After coming to the US and becoming an industrial designer, he started creating his own wooden molds to turn the single-cylinder Bullet into a twin. Now, he has created his own '50s inspired Enfield called the Musket, and Jay Leno has fallen in love with them on the latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage.

Vardan's craftsmanship is absolutely astounding when you consider that he's largely creating new engines for these old bikes by hand. He even offers two versions: either 700cc or 1,000cc of displacement from the V-twin. After his ride, Leno walks away extremely impressed with the Musket. He wonders how one guy living in Ohio is doing work that's on par with a production motorcycle. Vardan's conversion is incredibly impressive and well worth checking out.

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