The serpentine road that travels to the summit of Pikes Peak is expletive capital-A, awesome, even when goading your rented Toyota Yaris along its guard-rail-free glory at twenty-five miles an hour. (And trust me, unless your vehicle is in top-notch shape, renting is a solid option because America's Mountain will will shove a granite shiv into any chink of a transmission's or cooling system's armor, turning it into a four-way-flashing traffic cone faster than you can say tow truck.)

To take this glorified goat path at speeds that exceed 110 miles an hour, one must be truly crazed. Luckily, there are a number of such individuals, and their vehicles are often camera-equipped, so as to help relay the madness of their annual ascents.

This year, none climbed to the 14,114-foot peak faster than Rhys Millen in the battery-powered eO PP03 from Drive eO, turning in a record-breaking 9:07.222 in the Electric Modified class. By clicking on the video above, not only can you witness the asphalt gripping-and-ripping drama through 156 turns, you can also catch an informative post-race interview. It is only here that we learn he might have been a good bit faster had he not lost power to the three conjoined electric motors powering the rear wheels somewhere along the way.

By scrolling down, you can also watch Paul Dallenbach, another Pikes Peak lunatic, take nineteen seconds off the Open Wheel class record with a thunderous 9:36.496. In this clip, Dallenbach does it the old-school way, his lightweight Loophole Racing-prepared rear-wheel drive, naturally aspirated machine offering up great footage to compare and contrast with the overall winner's Race to the Clouds.

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