This new F1 2015 video game trailer is awesome

Its release got pushed back to July 21 - still earlier than we're used to - but Codemasters plans to make F1 2015 worth the wait. Built on a new game engine called EGO that targeted more than 20 enhancements, Codemasters says each car's handling is "a vast improvement from our previous games," such that "vehicle dynamics much more accurately convey the difference in performance and the feel between mechanical and aerodynamic grip." Tire performance will more accurately reflect various kinds of degradation, so drivers "experience the changes in grip caused by temperature swings, wear, car setup, debris, and weather conditions."

New features include broadcast-style presentation, an online practice session, and free updates to keep the game fresh throughout the rest of the real Formula One season. If you'd rather drive down memory lane, F1 2015 includes a fully playable 2014 season as part of the bonus content. Pre-order the game from certain outlets and get F1 2015 in a metal case, plus the "Race Like a Champion" guide that has tips and more details on each track.

Release dates are July 10 in Europe and Australia, July 21 in North America, and July 24 in Brazil. The teaser trailer above doesn't give much away concerning the upgrades, but the shiny graphics look awfully good.

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