Scion xB won't live past 2015

The grim reaper has trailed the Scion xB for three years, and in 2015, he swings his scythe. Scion VP Doug Murtha told WardsAuto last week that as of the end of this year, the xB will be gone. It will have lived just one year longer than the Scion xD, which was updated for the 2014 model year and at one point had been expected to live until the end of this year.

As we've known for a while, the new Scion iM will replace the once-icon xB. Or perhaps that's 'supersede' the once-icon, since even company brass knows that the iM, which is Europe's Toyota Auris five-door hatchback, isn't a replacement for the unapologetic box that was the xB. The xB was one of the cubic trio – along with the first of its kind here, the Honda Element, and the aptly named Nissan Cube – all of which had a hard time figuring out a second act. The Kia Soul is the last of the proud geometric figures, and six years into its run here it is doing better than ever, 2014 being a record year for the model. The xB was well into its decline after the same amount of time on the market.

Cars Direct says that if you want an xB then you shouldn't wait, and, "It might be a good idea to make a move soon." On the other hand, CD advises that "if you're looking for a better deal," then it's the Kia Soul you want. Insert that chestnut here about the mighty, and the falling.

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